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Terrado Peninsula Sand 6sqft Flats Panels

$5.95 per SQFT

999999 in stock

Sq. Ft.


Peninsula Sand manufactured stacked stone offers a refined traditional look featuring warm beige and subtle copper tones in naturally varied shapes. With exquisitely engineered artistry that minimizes color variations, this stacked stone is specifically designed for installation efficiency and requires no maintenance. It adds color, dimension, and beauty to your space, making it the affordable choice for enhancing architectural features, fireplace facades, feature walls, and more. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty for ultimate peace of mind, Peninsula Sand casts the authentic look and feel of natural stone in every box of carefully chosen pieces. Matching corners are available to give your project that finished touch. Each piece is 6 sq.ft. Weight is 42 lbs per piece. Panels are 0.5-1.5 INCH thick

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Weight 9 lbs

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