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Sparkling White Polished Pre-Fabricated Quartz Countertop (112 in X 26 in X 2CM)

$775.00 per Kit

649999 in stock

(per kit)


Sparkling White Quartz is a stunning reflection of whites and icy speckles for kitchens, baths and other design features when you desire a touch of sparkle and elegance. Best uses for this durable quartz include residential and commercial property projects such as countertops. It is not recommended for exterior use in areas with freezing temperatures. Each kit includes one 112 in x 26 in x 3cm slab and a 112 in x 6 in backsplash. Edge detail: Laminate flat-edge polished on one long side and two short sides. 6 inch high backsplash: Polished on one long side and two short sides. For all orders less than 10 kits, packing and handling charge of $70 will be added to the total. The same will be waived for orders of larger quantities. These are sold in the specified size, all cutting and customization must be done on site. We do not offer custom cutting services. See attached for feasible layouts. Minimum order quantity is 2 kits.

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