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Products Needed Use Usage
Stone Spray'N Seal Prevents Staining & Discoloring Every 1-2 Years
International Stone Polish Enriches the color of the stone Monthly
Marbamist or Clean EnCounters Ready to Use Spray Cleaner  Daily/Weekly
Counterrific  Stone Disinfectant Spray  Weekly 

SEALING: (Every 1-2 years)
Product: Stone Spray N Seal
*Always test first in a small area for desired results before applying to entire surface. 
Remove any topical waxes or stains before sealing.

1) For maximum protection, surface should be dry for 6-12 hours before sealing.

2) Clean countertop surface using Marbamist or Clean EnCounters.
(It is safe to lightly clean the stone before sealing.)

3) Cover surrounding areas that are not intended to be sealed.

4) Liberally spray the entire surface until it is wet.
(Outer edges may dry quicker.)

5) When surface begins to dry within 3-5 minutes, wet the surface again with the sealer.
(This will allow the sealer to properly penetrate and cure.)

6) After 30 minutes, wipe off excess sealer from the surface with a clean and dry white terry cloth towel.

7) If excess dries on the surface, spray more sealer onto the surface and wipe off immediately with a clean dry terry cloth towel.

-For more porous stones like limestone, slate, and fine-grained granites, repeat steps 3-7 one hour after the first application or use Stone Spray N Seal XP.

-For quality curing results, keep surface dry for 24-48 hours after application. 48 hours is best.

Product: International Stone Polish

1) Shake the bottle before using and apply the polish to the stone surface with a clean, dry and white terry cloth towel.

2) Let the polish dry to a haze for 2 minutes.

3) Wipe off the haze with a clean, dry and white terry cloth towel.

CLEANING: (Daily to Weekly) Product: Marbamist or Clean EnCounters 1) Simply spray Marbamist or Clean EnCounters on to the stone surface. 2) Wipe off the cleaner with a clean and dry terry cloth or paper towel. DISINFECTING: (Weekly) Product: Counterrific 1) Remove any food or debris from the countertop surface. 2) Simply spray Counterrific on to the countertop and let it set for five minutes. 3) With a moist and clean paper towel, gently wipe it off of the surface. No rinsing required.
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